Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2300 Jackson Street

The King of Pop, the Greatest Entertainer of All Time, I don't think any superlative can account for the genius of this man born in Gary, Indiana, a small city a few miles away south of Chicago. The neighborhood doesn't look in any way special, it looks just like any neighborhood in a suburb. The town is surrounded by big factories and it doesn't feel like you are getting closer to this seemingly forgotten landmark. It feels like there is usually nobody around but it only takes a minute or two to start seeing cars stopping and fans getting out to take pictures. This is not the Neverland ranch or the Hollywood Walk of Fame, this is the true place where you can relate to Michael Joseph Jackson, the child that grew onto one of the biggest talents humanity has witnessed.

At the intersection of Jackson Street and Jackson Family Boulevard.
Gary, Indiana.
Whiteboard outside the house. Lots of messages already.