Sunday, April 28, 2013

Montauk - Far far away on Long Island

It seems I like pictures of lighthouses. I think I got a better picture here than the one I took of the Fire Island Lighthouse, also on Long Island. I was actually working with pictures of lighthouses some time back on a vision project so I have seen at least in pictures a lot of lighthouses in several shapes and colors.

Montauk is the easternmost part of Long Island and therefore the easternmost part of New York State. Iconic place in the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, one of the first movies I watched after the Dumb and Dumberer-stage of one of my favorite actors: Jim Carrey. Another serious movie I like from him is the Truman Show, of which I made a reference in my earlier post about mosaics (Starry Night Mosaic Art).

Long Island has many niceties that I haven't yet explored, another movie that is coming this year and portraits some of the forgotten glamour of Long Island is The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Mr. Gatsby. I will try to visit a couple of those mansions from the 1920's before the end of the year and post some more pictures.