Wednesday, July 6, 2011

San Francisco Bay Area - Summer 2011

Golden Gate Bridge insider's view
I'm writing this after a long gap since my last post due to the burden of moving all the way to the west coast and signing contracts for every other thing imaginable that comes with relocation. I'm working in multimedia content analysis for Android during the summer. Probably the couple of friends who read my blog already know what is Android but I will anyways write here the explanation I gave to my parents: Android is an operating system that can be installed in a variety of smart phones manufactured by different companies. It's pretty much what Windows used to be for PC's. Note: Maybe you already noticed, but obviously this doesn't represent the views from my employer in any way! The thing is I didn't feel like explaining Android is open source which means you can download, read and analyze its source code and it has a very open model for writing and publishing new applications, including games!
Yoda fountain outside of Lucasfilms

Regarding the San Francisco Bay area, there are a couple of new places I visited this time, from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to the south up to Sausalito to the north. Sausalito is on the other side of the Golden Gate bridge and I include a picture here while crossing it. Another iconic place I wanted to visit for so long was the Yoda fountain outside of Lucasfilms. I felt like the security guard outside the building gave me the "oh here it comes another freak"-kind of look :) and then gently pointed that we can park anywhere for 20 minutes, so I guess lots of Star Wars fans go there just to take a picture of the fountain. Next to the place is the Palace of Fine Arts Theater and the Exploratorium. So if you visit any of those places then you might want to take a walk and take a picture of the iconic Yoda fountain.