Thursday, September 17, 2009

Graduate School Starts

It's been not so long since I moved to the United States for Graduate School. I've decided to start blogging and share the experience here. I'd like to contribute with some knowledge and worthy experiences and leave some of the small talk for twitter. I posted here a picture of the SBU Computer Science department building entrance. It means a lot to me, since this is going be my second home away from home for the upcoming years.
I don't have big hopes of having enough time to post daily or even weekly but I have high hopes of making this blog something worth reading. It's my third attempt to blogging. My first blog was a mix of a personal and tech blog in Spanish, I stopped updating it because in part I lost interest and then I stopped paying the hosting and domain.  My second attempt was an institutional blog at my undergrad school, I used to blog about several topics of local interest of my undergrad community, it is still online but not maintained anymore.

So far I've found Stony Brook to be a quiet and nice place surrounded by forests and a few steps away from the beach. On the other hand it's only a few miles away from New York City. The University campus is wonderful, lots of nature and modern buildings (Check the Health Sciences Building in the second picture!). The community is full of international students and faculty and lots of people interested in arts and sciences.